Halla.in is a platform to express hidden talent by participating in the photo & video contests.There is so much of hidden talent in every individual and very rarely one tries to explore it.Most of the time, we are constrained by our convictions, shyness, society, or fear of failure. We created halla.in, for individuals of any age to freely come and express their talent.
The contests at halla.in relate to festivals, seasons or social themes that users can easily relate in their daily life. The entries in the contest are voted by fellow users, website visitors, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram followers, etc. The contest winners get their own photos printed on t-shirts or mugs. These gifts remain as sweet memories and moments reflecting their efforts and willingness to take the plunge.
When we launched halla.in, we had to constantly call our family, friends and neighbors to post their photos and participate in contests. Encouraged users to review the contest photos, write their comments to join the conversation and appreciate the hidden talent. We intentionally kept the prize values low as we believe, halla.in is not about winning or losing, but it is all about expressing your thoughts, emotions and hidden talent, freely and boldly. After 2 years with over 150+ contests, 13,000+ users and 300,000 visits per month, halla.in is gaining momentum. Businesses approach us to sponsor the contests and we work selectively with those who are keen to exhibit and appreciate the hidden talent.
The instagram community of over 18,000 is helping us to gain international recognition. We get lot many entries and users who are keen to share their talent and entries to the contests. Our android mobile app too is growing our community and we plan to introduce IOS version, very soon.
Very soon halla.in will reach out to college campuses in India. We will conduct special photo and video contests during college fests and events to capture memories and showcase them. If you are a student, parent or associated with educational institution, reach out to us for these special contests by emailing vikas@halla.in.
All of us believe in the platform and have an emotional attachment to share and appreciate our talents. Though we continue to bootstrap, your feedback, participation and spontaneous responses keeps us going. Join the community to showcase your hidden talent, share, appreciate, inspire and motivate others at halla.in. It is not about winning or losing, just express YOU!