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Have you ever seen a great street art or graffiti?? If you captured that street art in your camera then this contest is for you! If you seeing it every day and didn’t captured yet then snap it and submit in this contest. Whether it's a wall painting near your office or college, an inspirational quote on the sidewalk - submit a photo of awesome graffiti or street art in this photography contest and win awesome prizes.

1 User can submit only 1 photo.

We will pick 2 most authentic photos of Street Art and the First winner gets 1 T-shirt and Second winner will get 1 Mug. Try to capture more creatively. Halla will remove any entries that do not comply with the Creative Brief.

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We post entries on our Instagram page(37K Followers), so don't forget to add your instagram username in description sction.

Be creative, express YOU!



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  • Upload your best photo. 1 User can submit only 1 Photo.
  • The photo must be in JPG format, at a maximum size of 4000 × 3000 pixels. The file size should not exceed 8 MB.
  • No Entry Fee
  • Winners selected by Judges based on creativity, originality, and in accordance to the theme of the contest.
  • Submit photos captured by you only. You always maintain the rights to your submissions.
  • By entering the contest you accept the terms of use.
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