Naughty Smile

Meet my 48 day old son, Ujan Atig Pal ( who does not know what to do with his two hands. So he plays with them by himself & makes new poses always. He had to stay in an ICU at a hospital as he was a premature baby born at 29 weeks. Doctors said that usually night shifts were boring as they did not have much work to do. However during the 37 nights that Atig stayed there, each night was memorable & not boring as they used to spend their time with him and see his new poses with his hands always. This time too he was posing in a new manner with two hands on his face and a naughty smile. I could not resist myself from taking this candid shot! By the way, he is a really tiny baby. You cannot probably guess how tiny he really is from this pic as I have digitally zoomed in to show his mischievous smile.

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