Self Portrait series: Acceptance Digital/Gelatin Silver 2016 The “Acceptance” body of work focuses on the internal, allowing myself to be revealed, not just to the viewer, but to myself, in order for me to acceptance my reality and progress beyond the flaws within it. I have the tendency to betray myself, I’m not consistent with loving myself and other and this work visually expresses that. These photographs are very personal, they are my soul as it tries to purify itself through understanding and accepting my mistakes. Within understanding and acceptance comes growth and the ability to progress beyond those foolish things that were obnoxiously holding me back. Every day there’s that feeling of death that hunts me, yet I’m full of some much life which is the reason for the flowers. The flowers are a symbol of life and growth and when the flowers aren’t as such that is because a problem has resurfaced: whether it is me panicking, having anxiety or what have you. It is so relieving to be real with myself and free with how I truly feel, thus these photographs are healing.

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