Bird of Holy Mecca

Ababil deliberately created by God to destroy the arrogance, greed and cruelty of war a commander of the most feared at that time. Abraha, Yemen’s warlord He had a great desire to destroy and divert worship ka'ba Arabs to Yemen, which is a large church built by Abraha. But this proposals is not acceptable by arabian pilgrimages so Abraha decided to destroy the holy Ka'ba. And finally Abraha was really mad and ordered all troops to be getting ready to attack Mecca and destroy the Ka'ba. Abraha's army has a very complete war equipment, armor, and the elephants that will be used to knock down ka'ba.Some time before the destruction of the Ka'ba,Abdul Muttholib,the leader of Mecca residents instructed his people to shelter and evacuate immediately behind the hill near Mecca. Destruction seconds arrived, the army of Abraha and his elephants to begin to approach the Ka'ba. At that time suddenly the Power and God's help arrived. Sure enough, a bunch of birds totaling Ababil, hundreds, thousands, even millions may have been flying just above them.In the beak and legs of birds, there is coal Ababil a very hot fire that came from the pebbles of hell. What the Ababil? It turned out that their fire dropped him right on target, that is the enemy of God, Abraha and his army. One by one they were showered embers. One is for fire that could melt the pebble leather Abraha's army and burn their bodies and destroyed before they managed to destroy the Ka'ba. And thus Ababil,the bird of Mecca stayed in history.

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