From Day to Night

I saw a lot of entries until the last day and then tried to be a bit different then what others usually did. When people hear about the word " Time lapse " they either think of only Sunset or clouds, I found them as the most cliched ones and did it a bit differently. I shot these at different locations at different interval of time and tried to include almost all the elements in a daily life. No excuse but was unable to work until today for some reason but I somehow managed to grab couple of time lapses today and as I'm a photographer i had not idea as how to use adobe premier. But that didn't stop me from entering this contest, I post processed and joined all these bits of time lapses into one time lapse just using my Cell phone. So kindly ignore the watermark. I used Nikon D7000 with Nikon 18-105mm and 24-120mm lens to shoot this. And i had to cut short most of it because the file was not to exceed 10mb but in the rules it was mentioned as 25mb. So anyways as the title goes it follows you from the very start of the day to lat night.

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