M + S Wedding She looked at them, those eyes - full of emotions, the feelings of leaving the home that always belonged to 'her', the people she loved the most are being left behind. The excitement shone during the wedding ceremonies vanished for a few seconds and her eyes reflected a sense of loss. For a minute she couldn't be that same old demanding and possessive daughter, now it was time for her to go. Seeing tears in the eyes of her two closest, her parents and her brother, she felt weaker than any other day and asked herself,"why do girls have to leave their parents?" But then she nodded to herself, as if she consoled her own soul. Suddenly she felt 'his' hand on her shoulder and 'his' reassuring smile which answered all her questions. That 'touch' of his hand told her that he wasn't just taking her home but making her an integral part of his family. Those eyes explained how she is and will always remain her parents' precious daughter and he would be now their son. [ Clicked at Shehnai banquet, Thane 5th November 2016 ]

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1535 Days

I am genuinely looking forward for this to get featured on your insta account. Especially after seeing the published entries, I think this one deserves a chance :)