Among the many folk festivals of Bengal, Gajan festival, Charak Puja and Neel Puja has a special place even in today’s modern age. Although it is celebrated predominantly in rural Bengal, the festival is till celebrated in some pockets of the Metro city of Kolkata. Hindus celebrate the festival mainly on the last two days of the month of Chaitra.This period is known as Chaitra Sankranti when Sun will enter Pisces sign. Chaitra Sankranti begins on 14th March of every year. People observe fast during this period devoting themselves to their God. Although the festival takes place in its full intensity for three days, starting before the day of Chaitra Sankaranti and ending the day after, it continues till the beginning on the month of Asharr alias Ashad which signifies the rainy season. During Gajan celebration is performed by the devotees signifying marriages of the male forces of Siva, Nil or Dharmaraj with their respective consorts. One way it signifies the union of the forces of sun and earth. During Charak people dress up as Cosmetic Shiva, Parvati, Krishna and other deities. Usually Rajbangshi caste of persons is allowed to do such acts. They are locally known as “Soung of Gajan” (Soung in Bengali means jester).The word gajan in Bengali comes from the word garjan or roar generated by sannyasis during the festivities. the children and age old people paint their faces with various colours .Like there god and goddess like krishna,radha,shiva ,parvati,kali they go home to home of the villeges and dance.In this photo story the face painting part and dressing up like the god and goddess has been emphasised.Area of the photo story is pristine villege(baghnapara.krishnadevpur,) of bardwan district in west bengal .india.

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