Most Colourful Days of my life : Schooldays

“Recollecting memories of school days is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose” School days,I believe, are the happiest in the whole span of human existence. Most of us would agree that d days spent in school are/were certainly the bst days of our lives. Its in school tht we make our first frind,hav our first crush,compete to excel,hope for places in the sports teams,eating lunch boxes during classes,and learn our first lessons abt life. For dos whose school is now forever OVER. I still can’t get over it -I feel like I’ll be going back next year and seeing all the same people, but I won’t be one of them!Those who r in school think that when I will grow up n go to college.But beliv me whn u wil b in the col u will get bored with the narrow mindedness of ur batchmates,politics,racing against time.Really school days r the most colourful days of our life

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