Lost in moment

A tourist clicking picture of Hindu God Ganesha on her phone at Sasivekalu Ganesh Temple, Hampi, Karnataka. . . . . About place - According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is known for his love for food. Once Ganesha consumed a lot of food, due to which his stomach was on the verge of bursting. Finding no other option to stop his stomach from exploding, Ganesha caught hold of a snake and tied it around his stomach in order to prevent it from bursting open. This is the mythological incidence behind the existence of the snake tied around the Ganesha?s stomach, which is visible on the statue. The inscription on the statue is as old as 1500 AD and says that this statue was erected in memory of the king Narasimha II, of the Vijayanagar Empire. This temple and the statue is indeed one of the finest specimens of Indian sculptures. Info - Temples in Karnataka website . . Shot on @nikonindiaofficial

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