What is Halla.in ? +

Halla.in Is a place for people to share their hidden talent, emotions and light hearted moments with others. The portal gives a platform through various contests to showcase the hidden talent and delight the community.

Why are contests at Halla.in ? +

Halla.in creates various contests based on major events, festivals, locations, seasons etc.. Some of the contests are general and some are specially designed by the sponsors related to their product or service. The single objective of contests is to invite participation, sharing and entertainment.

What are the gifts and who provides the contest gifts ? +

The contest gifts are provided by the sponsors of the contest.

How the Contest winners are chosen ? +

The contests are conducted in two different formats, based on the choice of sponsors. The winners are chosen either through the popular vote or through judgment panel.

When and how are contest gifts given ? +

Contest gifts are sent to mailing address of the winners within 2 weeks of contest results.

How are contest votes counted ? +

The contest votes are counted through the Faebook likes, Twitter #tags and direct votes.

Can I sponsor a contest ? +

Yes, if you are an event organizer, product or service provider or merchant with a light hearted idea, you can sponsor a contest at halla.in. You can email – info@halla.in for further info.