Christmas Celebration 100 8th Jan 2017
About Contest

Are you ready for Christmas? Most of you start preparations for it. So here is Photography contest for you. Capture your Christmas special photos whether it’s early preparations or actual Christmas day, upload best XMAS photo using our website or Halla Mobile App & win amazing prizes from Zoomin. 1 user can upload only 1 photo. We select 3 Winners.

This contest is sponsored by Zoomin. Each winner will get Zoomin’s newly launched product Metal Prints worth Rs.599 each.

Paper prints don't have the same back–lit look as photos on your phone. That's where Metal Prints come in! Photos that are printed on a reflective metal surface are extra clear, with colours which are more vibrant. We use fade–proof inks, plus a scratch and water resistant coat, for a gorgeous matte finish.


  • 6"×6" is our standard size which you can upsize to an 8"×8" at checkout

  • Frosted acrylic stand included with every order!

  • Display ready, perfect for gifting


For this contest we are also collaborating with TRAVEL WORLD 365. Go follow them on Instagram @travelworld365 for beautiful travel photos.

Participate in this contest, upload best XMAS photos and grab amazing X-Mas gift from us.

Prize For You
Prize 1 Zoomin's METAL PRINTS worth Rs.599
Prize 2 Zoomin's METAL PRINTS worth Rs.599
Prize 3 Zoomin's METAL PRINTS worth Rs.599

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