CREATIVE CANDID 289 20th Feb 2017
About Contest

We are looking for a perfect candid moment. Submit 1 amazing candid photo which you captured at Wedding function, during Insta walk or on a street. Submit a creative Candid photo of in this contest & win exciting prizes. Make sure to get a creative shot!

You can use Halla’s iOS/ Android app to upload photos in this contest.

This contest is sponsor by Zoomin.

The Halla Editorial Team will pick 3 most authentic candid photos, first winner will get Zoomin voucher of worth Rs.1000, second winner will get Zoomin voucher of worth Rs.750 & Third winner will get voucher of worth Rs.500.

Please Note: Halla will remove any entries that do not comply with the Creative Brief.

For this contest we are collaborating with @travel.real.india. Follow them on Instagram they share india’s beautiful moments.

Contest image by Paresh Khartade.

Prize For You
Prize 1 Zoomin Voucher of worth Rs.1000
Prize 2 Zoomin Voucher of worth Rs.750
Prize 3 Zoomin Voucher of worth Rs.500

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