DAILY SNAP(January) 390 31st Jan 2017
About Contest

Daily Snap is Halla’s daily photo contest. Upload your best images (on any theme), and your photo could be showcased on our Website and social media accounts. When the month ends, our experts choose a winner who receives a T-shirt and 1 Month Feature on Halla’s Facebook Page (Cover Page).

Also, there is no particular theme for this contest. You can submit photos of nature, animal, location, black and white, landscape, motion, monochrome, symmetry, etc.. 

Try to become more and more creative.

Upload your favourite photos, along with catchy headline and where you took the image. Feel free to experiment with subjects; we are fan of creativity, show us your best photography. Do tell us the story behind the photograph, so we can share it with our readers when you win.

The day’s winning photograph is showcased on Halla’s homepage, Facebook page, and on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. 1 Monthly winner will get 1 Month feature on Halla’s Facebook page & 1 Cool T-shirt. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep track of the winners, but don’t worry if you miss the announcement; you will also be notified by email if you are selected.

Click on Submit an Entry button or you can use Free Halla Mobile App to upload your best Snap in this contest, don’t forget to add brief description of the photograph and why you like it. If you have a Instagram handle, include that too so we can shout out to you when your image is selected. There’s a winner every day, so hurry.

Voting is also available; do not forget to vote for best photo.

Prize For You
Prize 1 Facebook Cover Page Feature for 1 Month & 1 T-shirt

Halla.in is a platform to express hidden talent by participating in the photo & video contests.There is so much of hidden talent in every individual and very rarely one tries to explore it.Most of the time, we are constrained by our convictions, shyness, society, or fear of failure. We created halla.in, for individuals of any age to freely come and express their talent. The contests at halla.in relate to festivals, seasons or social themes that users can easily relate in their daily life. The entries in the contest are voted by fellow users, website visitors, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram followers, etc.