DIFFERENT 2019 Video Contest 9 31st Dec 2018
About Contest

“I can’t touch or feel someone’s hand, but I can touch and feel someone’s heart.’’ Father Bill.

As the title suggests this contest is going to be different from the previous contests. The aim is to create a  difference in someone’s life.

There is no greater way to impact someone’s life than to inspire, motivate or positively influence them. The best way to create a difference in someone’s life is to make them believe in themselves. People, who never fail, never accomplish anything. The difference is that successful people gather the courage to get back up and try again.

But, from where do these pursuers get their motivation and courage? Whenever they face challenging circumstances they take some time out and watch some inspirational videos to refuel themselves.

So, here is your chance to influence others through a 15-second video of your own story or motivational thoughts.

The video can be about inspiring people to overcome fear or failure, aspire to be different, start something new or dream big.

So, what is the source of your inspiration? What drives you and ignites your passion? How do you inspire others? What is the legacy that you want to leave behind? Share your experience to inspire others for a new beginning in 2019, to make it different.

Here are more details of the Contest:

No. of Winners: 2


Celebrate your victory with family & friends:

Prizes: 6 T-shirts to First Winner, 6 Mugs to second.

Contest's Last date: 31st December

Results: 1st January 2019

Get started already. Be creative, Express YOU!


All Entries
Prize For You
Prize 1 6 T-shirts
Prize 2 6 Mugs

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