GUDI PADWA 341 27th Mar 2018
About Contest

Gudhi Padwa, this festival is also celebrate in different states of India with different names like it is called as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh, Yugadi in Karnataka and Cheti Chand among Sindhi people. On this day a New Year is started as per Hindu calendar. People celebrates this festival with full of joy and happiness. Capture Gudi Padwa celebration in your camera, submit in this contest and win exciting prizes from us. 

So, celebrate first day of New Year with your family & friends, go out for Shobha yatra capture lots of pictures and submit your best click in this contest.

Please Note: Halla will remove any entries that do not comply with the Creative Brief.

For this contest we are collaborating with Maharashtra_ig , follow them on Instagram for amazing pictures of Maharashtra.

We will select 3 winners. Winners will get prizes from our sponsors Kashish foto Vision & Wats In the Name.

First & Second Winner will get voucher of worth Rs.2000 & Rs.1000 respectively from Kashish Foto Vision & Third Winner will get voucher of Rs.800 from Wats In the Name.

Be creative, express YOU!

Contest Image by Madhav Chavan .

Prize For You
Prize 1 Voucher of worth Rs.2000
Prize 2 Voucher of worth Rs.1000
Prize 3 Voucher of worth Rs.800

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