HAPPY KIDS! 311 13th Oct 2016
About Contest

About Contest:

We are looking for photos that focus on happy kids. Whether it's a photo of your nephew laughing at his silly uncle, your kid having fun playing with a new toy, or your daughter smiling while on the playground- submit a candid photo of happy kids that you know. Submit beautiful & cute photos of your children or any other kids which you see in your every day’s life & win prizes.

The Halla Team will pick 2 most authentic photos of happy kids and the winner gets goodies like T-shirts & Mugs. Please Note: Halla will not accept any random photos from Internet and duplicate photos.


1st Winner: 2 T-shirts.
2nd Winner: 2 Mugs

Be Creative, express YOU!

Prize For You
Prize 1 2 T-shirts
Prize 2 2 Mugs