MOBILE PHOTOS ONLY 190 4th Mar 2020
About Contest

Nowadays Mobile handsets come with a great camera. So, submit your best Mobile Click in this contest and win an amazing prize.

2 Winners will get prizes from us. The first winner will get 1 T-shirt & second winner will get 1 Mug. You can use Halla's Android or iPhone App to upload your photos. Login with your Facebook, Google or Twitter profile and upload photos in this contest. You can also use Halla’s free Android & iOS mobile app to participate in the contest.


You can sell Photo prints of your photo. If someone purchases a photo print of your photo you will earn money. Keep sharing your contest entry and increase the chance to earn more money.

Be Creative, express YOU!

Prize For You
Prize 1 1 T-shirt
Prize 2 1 Mug

Print your photos and earn money. Participate in free photo and video contests and win amazing prizes.