PHOTO OF THE MONTH 186 31st Jan 2016
About Contest

About Contest:
  • A monthly contest in the search of “Photographer of the Month”. In this contest we want to see 1 best photo (on any topic) that is captured by you.
  • 1 user can submit only 1 photo.
  • Also, there is no particular theme for this contest. You can submit photo of nature, animal, location, black and white, landscape, motion, monochrome, symmetry, etc..  Whatever you want.  Try to become more and more creative.
  • Voting is also available; do not forget to vote for best photo.
  • Halla team will pick their favorite photo and the winner will be featured on our Instagram page @halla_photo_contestsand that photo will be our Display Profile Picture for 1 month.
  • So, Submit your best work and get a chance to become Halla’s Photographer of the Month. Be creative, express YOU!

Prize For You
Prize 1 Instagram Feature