WEDDING MOMENTS 140 6th Dec 2017
About Contest

Wedding season is here. Submit photos of beautiful wedding moments in this contest and win amazing prizes. Whether it's a photo of a bride and groom laughing or a candid photo of the father of the bride tearing up during the wedding ceremony, submit a photo of beautiful wedding moment.

Contest Image by: Rajesh Dansena.

During contest period we will post some entries on our Instagram page, so don’t forget to mention your Instagram id in description section.

We will select 2 Winners. First winner will get 2 Customized T-shirts and Second winner will get 2 customized Coffee Mugs.

To participate in photo contests you can also use Halla’s free Android or iOS App.

Be creative, express YOU!

Prize For You
Prize 1 2 T-shirts
Prize 2 2 Coffee Mugs

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