WORKING WOMEN 198 28th Mar 2017
About Contest

Every year 8th March is celebrated as an International Women’s Day, originally called International Working women day.  So, our contest is dedicated to the women around us, in our lives, in our society, in our family.

We are blessed with so many women in our day to day life in the form of Mother, sister, wife, friend, colleague and many more. So you can submit a photo of woman whose work inspire you most.

In this contest, we expect from you to submit pictures of working woman.

Capture women in different moods, expression, walks of life, and different roles a woman plays in everyday life, we want to see photographs that capture the beauty and strength of a woman.

We will select 3 creative images and 3 Winners will get discount vouchers from Zoomin.

You can also use Halla’s iOS & Android app to upload photos in this contest.

Contest Image credit - Rahul Saha

Individual contestants may submit no more than 1 photo. A submission must be original photograph taken by contestant.             

Please Note: Halla will remove any entries that do not comply with the Creative Brief.

Prize For You
Prize 1 2 T-shirts
Prize 2 2 Mugs

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